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Box Clever

"Rachel Brodeur who brings exquisite detail to the myriad of characters she brings to life.  Brodeur uses the smallest shift in her smile and a change in her realistic (possibly too realistic) brogue to bring to life everyone from a four-year-old girl to a lowlife."

"Brodeur’s role of ‘Autumn and others’ is challenging, as she runs back, forth, in, and around the set playing a vast array of parts. She switches accents, dons various props to give visual to her roles, and does it all with a seemingly effortless, natural flow. These two women are the perfect duo for Box Clever."

"Brodeur had to take on not just one British accent but an accent and affectation for each of the parts she played. Without the aid of a single costume change, her body, her face, her movements all transform for each character, sometimes in a matter of seconds. -It’s a wonder Brodeur manages to get through the show in one piece."

-Broad Street Review

The Seagull

"Brodeur comes full circle;  -in the final moments she becomes the seagull, shot on a whim by a bored man, reduced by shame and disgrace, but ultimately embodying the possibility of hope to rise again as a firebird."
 -The Philadelphia Inquirer
"Best of all is Brodeur, whose Nina is charming and exuberant when we first see her, but with an underlying vulnerability that makes her breakdown in the final act all the more poignant."
" The Nina we see in Act 1 looks absolutely nothing like the one who stumbles onto the stage, broken and depressed in Act 4... it has to do with Brodeur's clear versatility, as she is able to essentially play two different roles within the same show."

The Diary of a Madman

"She does all three great justice, her innocence and devotion to Poprishchin as Touvi disarmingly sweet. Her Sophia is haughty, privileged and sheltered. Finally, Tatiana (while saying not a word) adds volumes to the sense of dread and horror in the asylum."

The Three Musketeers

"Rachel Brodeur takes "The Three Musketeers" from a lark to a play with substance. She endows Madam Bonacieux with such honor, and so pronounced a sense of loyalty and purpose, you would be crushed if she was hurt or did not prevail in her mission."
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